Voice User Interface as a productivity tool

Noticias | 8 January, 2017

Penetration rate of mobile devices

OECD’s penetration rate for mobile broadband increased to 90’3% in 2015, being Spain at top of Europe’s list, with an 84’1% according to the organization’s study. It’s not surprising, thus, that we spend more and more time every day interacting with a screen. We use our mobile phones in any situation where we’re waiting, we use it during our free time, we use it when we’re with friends and family and we even use it when we’re walking down the street. Distractions because of our mobile phones are already the reason of half of the traffic accident victims, even before over speeding accidents. This need to continuously take a look at our phones to talk or send a text has become the cause of 90% of the accidents that are caused by drivers.


Interaction with mobile devices

It is clear that our interactions with mobile devices are increasing. Moreover, the way we interact with them is changing, as we now can talk to them. Voice user interface is not something new, but a functionality that has been available for us in our computers for a long time. However, it’s been Apple (again), who has changed the game of voice interaction by presenting his popular Siri.


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