Vincle takes part in AIMFA’s XXV National Assembly

Noticias | 8 May, 2014

Today takes place the first of the two sessions of the XXV National Assembly held by AIMFA (Association for pharmaceutical research and marketing), where executives from Commercial and Marketing areas from the 73 pharmaceutical companies that compose the Association for pharmaceutical research and marketing reunite. VINCLE has taken part in the event with its client Otsuka Pharmaceutical. Marta Patsí, Business Intelligence Manager, has shared with the audience their experience and the advantages of working with the right tools.



In the 2013 Jornadas VINCLE, which were held last October 16, we counted on the intervention of Antoni Gilabert, Pharmaceutical and Supplementary Services Support Manager in CatSalut (Catalan Health Service). His speech was about the “Future of the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the Health administration”, and introduced a debate on the inclination towards a collaborative model where risks are shared. In order to achieve these goals, our actions must “guarantee sustainability, minimize uncertainty and, of course, take actions in an integrated and coherent way”. All these actions cannot be taken in a single direction, so “it’s necessary to guarantee results in healthcare in a financially stable environment, to meet certain budgets and, to sum it up, to give the health care system feasibility”.

Starting out from this premise, Marta Patsí suggests Market Access strategies that can help “this new pharma industry – healthcare administration (public or public-private) collaborative model”. To carry out these strategies, Patsí suggests studying the new relationship and negotiation models between both parties, which available local evidence data should be used and which role will new technologies play; for the creation and valuation of the innovation evaluating models and its budget impact and also so we can establish a model that’s viable for both parts. The goal is to find an equilibrium that allows us to maximize our results in healthcare and minimize the economic risk at the same time, so we can reach a system sustainability based on:

  • Meeting expectations, contingent upon health indicators that are valuable for the administration and agreed by both parties and that help measure the real efficacy of the medicine versus other alternatives.
  • The economic cost that both parts will assume depending on the obtained results to determine the exact return on the investment.

In Vincle, we are convinced that, this way, laboratories will be able to focus their speech on administration, its own parameters, facilitating the communication between both parts.

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