Vincle takes a chance on AUARA, the water with values

Noticias | 4 December, 2017

Vincle takes a chance on AUARA, the water with values

Vincle trusts AUARA, the mineral water brand that invests 100% of the dividends generated by their activities in developing safe drinking water projects in developing countries. From December onwards, Vincle will use AUARA water in its installations. AUARA is the first Spanish company to obtain the Social Enterprise Mark certification, which impartially certificates its social work.


The water with values

Founded in 2015 by Antonio Espinosa, Pablo Urbano and Luis de Sande, AUARA invites everybody to turn an everyday act like drinking water in something extraordinary, helping people who do not have access to drinking water to solve this problem.

AUARA’s water bottles are the first ones in Europe that are 100% made of recycled rPet plastic, and the bottle design also takes into account the freight volume and the efficiency when transporting the bottles. This all brings us to the fact that, nowadays, 28.000kg of recycled plastic have been reused, and 47.000 liters of fuel have been saved since its launch in September 2016.



You drink, others drink

After its first year of existence, the money raised has been invested in 13 different projects that have brought drinking water to more than 7.000 people, and 6 more are being executed right now. We can highlight:

  • A well in CGE Tamarou, Benin, which gives water to 2.500 people
  • Latrines in Roka, Cambodia, which helps 70 people
  • Two rain water collection tanks in Haiti, Isla Tortuga

In 2020 they expect to bring drinking water to 50.000 people with more than 100 projects. The costs of the projects, their current execution state and its following up can be checked any time thanks to their policy of complete openness. You can also get to know more about their projects through the scan of their QR code in the bottles.

To become a part of AUARA’s projects, you can visit their website or you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Vincle, a committed Company

Vincle is a company that is committed to social work. Last March we were awarded for our commitment with work integration of people with functional diversity and for our NEW ORDER project. Moreover, we have also been named Brave Company for our collaboration with the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center and Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu and its project against pediatric cancer, and we will also collaborate with the Christmas campaign “Reyes Magos de verdad” (Real Three Wise Men).



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