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How will Artificial Intelligence affect your commercial processes?

Artificial Intelligence is here to change it all. Did you think your commercial processes were an exception? They are not!

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Vincle-Doc, authorized by the Tax Agency

The 5.0 version of Vincle-Doc has obtained the authorization from the State Tax Administration Agency as a certified digitalization of bills software.

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Gartner lists Vincle as Representative Vendor

Gartner included VINCLE in its 2016 “Market Guide for Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry”.

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Jornadas Vincle 2016: Sell better. Sell more.

Vincle will hold the IV Edition of its Jornadas Vincle on Sales Management Excellence, and this edition will focus on selling better in order to sell more.

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Gartner listed Vincle as Representative Vendor in 2016 report

Vincle listed as a Representative Vendor in 2016 Gartner Market Guide for Retail Execution nd Monitoring solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

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Interview: Paco Turiel, General Director in Casalbor Trade

We interview Paco Turiel, General Director in Casalbor Trade, who will tell us how working with SalesWare has helped them improve their strategic plan

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Our partner Externalia grows by 43% in 2015

The Commercial Outsourcing company, Vincle’s strategic partner and active SalesWare user has increased its sales by 43% in 2015

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Internal customer care

Today we talk about maintaining the satisfaction and loyalty of existing customers, something as important as gaining new customers

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