Vincle-Doc, authorized by the Tax Agency

Noticias | 10 November, 2016

The 5.0 version of VINCLE-Doc has recently obtained the authorization from the State Tax Administration Agency as a certified digitalization of bills software.

VINCLE-Doc is a solution that stores and manages electronic documents.


What does being authorized mean?

This approval allows us to state that every bill or document digitalized with VINCLE-Doc have the same legal validity than the original paper documents. These documents guarantee the integrity, as they’ve been collected in a standard form and electronically signed.

The homologation also guarantees that the whole digitalization and storing process has been done without any external interference. The digitalization, identifying data inclusion and electronic signature are done in the same process, without interruptions. This way, the paper invoice is no longer necessary, and the document remains legal.


Which are the changes in the 5.0 version?

The authorization process has required several changes in the VINCLE-Doc solution in order for it to meet the Tax Agency’s October 24 requirements on approval procedure of digitalization software in the EHA/962/2007 order requirements, which appears in the Spanish B.O.E. on November 1st 2007.

Among our new functionalities we highlight:

  • We guarantee a digitalized image that is clear and reliable and is collected in standard formats according to the ISO 19005 rule, adopting as a file format the PDF/A.
  • The existing possibility of adding the reference of the digitalization process to the digitalized document (in XMP format).
  • Applying the digital signature to the document during the digitalization process.
  • Signing the data base as a guarantee of its integrity at the end of each liquidation period.



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