Towards a digital consumer: an era dominated by mobile devices

Noticias | 9 March, 2018

71% of the world’s population will have a mobile device by 2025, and 5.000 of those will have access to Internet. This new situation will change consumption, and companies will have to adapt.

The mobile devices penetration rate is unstoppable; we expect that, by this 2018, two thirds of the world population will have a smartphone, according to the Mobile Advertisting Forecast 2017 de Zenith Media, and for 2025 we expect a 5 percentage point increase until a 71%, according to the recent study “Mobile Economy”, presented by GSM during the last edition of the del Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2018 in Barcelona.

This increasing tendency turns crucial for any company that intends to start an internationalization process; the new consumer will not only demand content and interactions through social media, but also new ways of connecting with brands and a global market where they can access anything. Adapting to this reality is a need for most companies.


4G and 5G networks: breeding ground for Internet of Things (IoT)

4G high speed networks will dominate in 2019, with almost more than half of the connections done with this technology. Advanced 5G technology will be added progressively for 2025, and will imply quicker connections, apart from holding way more devices connected at the same time, which will make the era of IoT flourish.

Nowadays 7000 million devices connected to Internet exist, but it is expected that this numbers triples until 21000 million connected devices by 2020, according to a study by Gartner. This scenario will bring a change of paradigm on how users interact with brands.

This will make the current consumer way more adaptable to technological changes, so it will become a digital consumer. This will bring new areas of revenue in the ecommerce, lifestyle, marketing and advertisement fields.

Moreover, the rise of consumer electronics and intelligent houses, along with the boom of other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality, will be an ideal starting point to establish new business opportunities for great consumption companies.


Vincle, at the forefront of digitalization

With this change of paradigm, Vincle, always with the cutting-edge technology, already offers the eOrder Portal solution, which allows clients and distributors to manage their orders independently, 24/7, through the web or through the app.



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