The perfect commercial visit

Noticias | 4 March, 2016

How to align the entire team to increase the presence at the point of sales

The quality of the visit is one of the areas of most concern to anyone responsible for a sales team. At Vincle we help our customers improve their sales team in order to optimize their return.

Since data collection is one of the main activities carried out at the point of sale, it is often believed that the application we provide to the manager of the retail outlet must be especially optimized to facilitate the tasks of data collection. However, their goal should be to increase sales so we, therefore, must provide tools to achieve this.

In addition to being able to perform an agile audit, we must establish a common methodology to align the team, increase sales and homogenize tracking.

To do this, Vincle has implemented into its SalesWare system the methodology of the Perfect Visit which was developed in collaboration with our partner Externalia, an expert in managing the point of sale. This methodology is based on the division of the process of visits at the point of sale in six phases that the manager must follow sequentially for proper execution.



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