Technical  Features

Vincle counts on key IT features to ensure your business performance.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Define and modify your sales processes just dragging and dropping new actions on your sales flow. Customize every single process step according to your needs, Sales Reps profile, territory or customer type, among available criteria. Use A/B testing options to become more performant and succeed in your goals, improve your go-to-market and boost your sales team productivity.

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Bring your own device (BYOD)

Do not worry about Hardware, as VINCLE is compatible with all the devices available on the market. Choose the right devices for your sales activity, VINCLE ensures the compatibility with them. You can use VINCLE in any mobile device you use on your business such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

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Cloud Based

Decide the best choice for your company and get all benefits of a SaaS software based on Cloud, such as scalability, predictable budgeting, lower upfront cost, real time updates and online support, or keep working on premise as you have always done.

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Friendly UI-UX

Reach new goals in less time. Become more agile on today’s work. Complete activities in seconds instead of minutes, and focus your work on sales. Refer to detailed reports to analyze in detail your business and improve your performance.

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Connect VINCLE’s data with other software such as ERP systems (SAP, JDEdwards, Dynamics, etc.) or any other external data, with an easy integration process. Get information bi-directionally among your systems and VINCLE and integrate all the relevant information you need in one single system.

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Multilanguage / Multicurrency

Become Global with a reliable software that takes into account several languages and currencies. Ensure worldwide coverage with an unified software along all your sales channels and markets.

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Cloud Security

VINCLE uses cutting edge technology to avoid any issue from the business continuity point of view and to ensure customer data protection. Be calm, as all the VINCLE solutions are installed on certified suppliers that ensure data protection and availability according to GDPR criteria.

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Enhance VINCLE suite adding new modules or custom modules based on your needs. Thanks to VINCLE’s SDK you may develop any application you need in your business, improving your sales performance through customizable modules. With an open API, based on SOA (service-oriented architecture), customers are able to add new modules under a plugin and play

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