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Vincle launchs its new corporate website

In this new website version we have included changes that aim to provide more detailed information about Vincle products and services.

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How to choose the best retail technology?

Retail’s evolution cannot be understood without taking into account technological advances; which are the best ones for your business?

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Improving your commercial team's productivity with image recognition

Image recognition is a technological solution that can help improve productivity in the pharmaceutical field too.

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5 reasons why you need retail technology

Technology is supposed to make our life easier, so… why not using it in the retail sector as well? Today we show you why you should be using it

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Vincle changes its corporate domain to

Following its internationalization plan and with the objective of achieving greater international exposure, Vincle has acquired the domain

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Virtual personal assistants: intelligent business processes

How data management can help us get to know better our clients and the products we can offer them with virtual assistants.

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Which is the best BPM for my business?

Nowadays the business processes should be focused on maximizing results, and that is why a BPM is a key success factor.

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An immersive experience with virtual reality and augmented reality

In this section we’ll reflect on the impact of new technologies that offer an immersive experience in the sales process; virtual and augmented reality

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