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Online sales as a supplement to offline sales

Knowing how to use our channels properly, combining them with our offline sales, is a determining factor when maximizing profits.

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5 things your boss would like you to know about Sales Force Automation

if you work in a company, there are certain types of software you should know about: we mean SFAs or sales force automation tools.

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How can Sales Force Automation improve your Go To Market?

How can a Sales Force Automation tool help you improve your Go To Market strategy? Discover which functionalities will do this for you today!

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VINCLE sponsors the 23rd AECOC Congress on Commercial and Marketing Strategy

VINCLE is sponsoring the 23rd Edition of AECOC’s Congress on Commercial and Marketing Strategy, the reference event for the great consumption sector

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FAQ about Sales Force Automation

Before choosing the best sales force automation tool for your business, you may have some doubts about its functionalities: today we solve them!

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What is a SFA and what can it do for you?

What is a Sales Force Automation tool? Is it like a CRM? What can this tool do for your business? Learn the basics about SFA software today!

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OMAI: Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence

Combining Artificial Intelligence and the latest trend in business processes, an omnichannel strategy, we get a new concept: OMAI.

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The Omnichannel Strategy: Multi-channel is no longer enough

Omnichannel strategies are going to place the client in the center of the commercial strategy, with the advantages this will bring.

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