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KPI to take into account in the point of sales

Some KPI affect directly our sales volume, and they have a lot to do with our point of sales. Which are they and how to improve them?

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How to improve your visibility in the point of sales

Living in an over-consumption era and with such a strong competition, it’s hard to make our products stand out. Here are some tips!

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Report of the 2017 Jornadas VINCLE

VINCLE held the fifth edition of its Jornadas VINCLE on Sales Management Excellence, called “Seduce and retain with an Omnichannel Strategy”.

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VINCLE sponsors the 22nd AECOC Conference on Commercial and Marketing Strategy

VINCLE sponsors the 22nd Edition of AECOC’s Conference on Commercial and Marketing Strategy, the reference event of the Great Consumption sector

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Jornadas VINCLE 2015: Sales Management Excellence

The 2015 Jornadas VINCLE will gather the leading companies in the pharma and consumption sector so they can shre with us their success cases

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Jornadas VINCLE 2014: Sales Management Excellence

VINCLE will organize the Jornadas VINCLE 2014, which these year are called “Sales Management Excellence: From Sales Strategy to Sales Execution”

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A new version of VINCLE's SalesWare for Windows 8

After developing VINCLE SalesWare for iOS and Android, the time has come to implement this solution on native platform for Windows 8, with metro graphic interface, optimized for tactile devices. The principles of design that Microsoft establishes for the metro developments have been followed, maintaining the functionality of the solution and adapting its design to […]

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