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Technology and selling techniques: we interview Jordi Salvadó

Jordi Salvadó, Vincle’s Sales Director, shares his vision on how the sales world is changing and how has technology affected nowadays’ selling techniques

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Customer Management or Sales Force Automation?

Today we help you choose the most suitable software for your company: will it be a Customer Management tool or a Sales Force Automation one?

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What is a SFA and what can it do for you?

What is a Sales Force Automation tool? Is it like a CRM? What can this tool do for your business? Learn the basics about SFA software today!

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The Omnichannel Strategy: Multi-channel is no longer enough

Omnichannel strategies are going to place the client in the center of the commercial strategy, with the advantages this will bring.

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Increase your sales with Intelligent Scoring

The intelligent scoring is a new concept that combines traditional segmentation with dynamic information. Learn more about its advantages!

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Jornadas VINCLE 2015: Sales Management Excellence

The 2015 Jornadas VINCLE will gather the leading companies in the pharma and consumption sector so they can shre with us their success cases

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Damm opts for VINCLE to improve their points of sales

Damm, leading in the brewing world, has opted for Vincle’s SalesWare solution to optimize the management of their points of sales

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