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An immersive experience with virtual reality and augmented reality

In this section we’ll reflect on the impact of new technologies that offer an immersive experience in the sales process; virtual and augmented reality

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Biggest sales trend this 2018: Sales Force Automation

We’ve tried to bring you a list of the strongest trends in the sales world so far this 2018, and sales force automation keeps appearing, again and again!

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Innovative technology for the retail world

One of the best ways to gain access to several of the market’s innovative tools is by acquiring a sales force automation tool or SFA.

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Augmented Reality: a picture is worth a thousand words

What can augmented reality really do for your business? Why is everybody talking about it lately? Don’t be late and discover its benefits today.

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VINCLE sponsors the 22nd AECOC Conference on Commercial and Marketing Strategy

VINCLE sponsors the 22nd Edition of AECOC’s Conference on Commercial and Marketing Strategy, the reference event of the Great Consumption sector

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