Report Jornadas Vincle 2014: Sales Management Excellence

Noticias | 21 November, 2014

Leading companies in pharma and consumption share the keys to their success in comercial management in the 2014 Jornadas Vincle

Vincle just held the second edition of its Jornadas Vincle on Sales Management Excellence in the Hilton Hotel in Barcelona, with the assistance of more than a hundred people. Directives from leading companies from the pharma and large consumption sectors have been the main audience of our Jornadas.

The annual event has become an irreplaceable meeting point to share success stories of leading companies that have improved their commercial and decision-making processes thanks to Vincle’s SalesWare technological solutions.

As Vincle’s founder, Juan Manuel Recio, stated in the beginning of our event, our goal is to “act as a partner for our clients, to get to know their needs and, of course, their consumers’ needs, to assess them from a strategic point of view and to create technological solutions that imply a competitive advantage”.

Cosimo Chiesa, commercial management professor at IESE  Business School and President of Barna Consulting Group, has highlighted the importance of relational marketing and the main techniques used to engage clients, those that allow us to make them our “fans”. “Gaining a new client is 15 times more complicated than treating an actual client. However, it’s impossible to achieve success without a good information management system”, he explained.

Our Jornadas consisted of 8 workshops (4 related to the consumption sector and 4 related to the pharma one) where companies of such a standing as Beiersdorf, Damm, Grupo Ferrer and Torres have explained which systems of commercial strategy and sales executions have allowed them to reach excellence in their commercial management.

For example, as Sergio Vivas, Key Account Manager for Grupo Ferrer, explained, this pharmaceutical has achieved, along with Externalia (specialized on externalization of sales force and part of Vincle’s group) a great improvement in their sales management for their parapharmacy channel, even during the period of economic crisis, “tripling the turnover during these last four years”.

Sylvia Casas, Beiersdorf’s Sales Director, has explained her vision on the integral management of the sales network for the pharmacy channel.

From an institutional standpoint, Josep Maria Argimon I Pallàs, Director of the Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS) (agency for evualuation and quality of healthcare in Catalonia), reflected on the great role of Big Data and its influence on the development of a new model of relationship between researchers, companies and healthcare administration.

On his behalf, Jordi Plaja, cofounder of MIC Healthcare, has stated the importance of public and private collaboration to guarantee the health well-being. “Every agent of the healthcare system should work together to build a new model of relationship that improves the system’s efficiency and facilitates innovation”.

From large consumption, Jordi Castells, CIO in Grupo Torres, emphasized how, with Vincle’s help, the company has been able to provide the point-of-sales managers with the right tools to offer a premium service, which has meant an increase in their productivity. “Our main goal is to be close to our clients and, in order to do this, we need to control the largest amount of data as possible to offer them the best service”, he explained.

The meeting also allowed us to get to know Damm’s case, thanks to Marcial Navarro’s, Resources and Corporate Services Director, speech. He emphasized the advantages of counting on a control panel with target tracking based on the technological solution Board.

Enric Balcells, Senior Manager at MIC Consulting, pointed out the “competitive advantage that means for a company to get the right commercial planning”, meaning this is a key aspect in their sales strategy.

Additionally, Vicenç Peracaula, Danone’s New Order innovative project Director, has shared with us the important evolution that the company has experienced, transitioning from the traditional order to automatic ones. Technology allows them to count on reports that contain real time information of the points of sales, establishing sales forecasts, analyzing data and being agile so they can guarantee the availability of the product in every shelf.



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