Report of the 2017 Jornadas Vincle

Noticias | 27 November, 2017

Improving commercial processes and technological innovation, hot topics at the 2017 Jornadas Vincle

Vincle held the last October 19 the fifth edition of its Jornadas Vincle on Sales Management Excellence, called “Seduce and retain with an Omnichannel Strategy” in the Hilton Hotel Barcelona. The Jornadas are a meeting point for Directives from both the pharmaceutical and the consumption sector where, year after year, leading brands share their success cases and experts on cutting edge technologies bring us the latest novelties in the market.



Juan Manuel Recio, Managing Director at Vincle, opened the event by stating that “it’s incredibly important to maintain our relationship with our clients”. For this same reason, it’s crucial to educate people with leadership skills, as, according to Recio, “leading companies don’t exist; it’s leading people that exist”. Recio also emphasized the fact that nowadays it’s “crucial to adapt to our environment” to survive in the business environment.

Next, Recio passed the floor to Enrique de Mora, Director of FUNNY-POP Consulting and Sara Villegas, Marketing Expert and Director of Be Marca, both authors of the book “Seduce and Sell”. De Mora and Villegas, drawing a fun parallel between selling and falling in love, covered the stages of seducing the client that every brand should follow. According to Villegas, “engaging is the most important part”, as it’s “way easier to keep an existing client than gaining a new one”.


Improving the commercial processes: a priority

After this welcome lecture, a series of presentations started; they were focused on how to increase productivity in our commercial network and how to optimize our commercial process and increase sales thanks to cutting edge technologies like Image recognition and Artificial Intelligence.

This way, Alberto Mezquita, Froneri’s Organization Responsible, showed the challenges that seasonal products face, and the opportunity of having a single integrated solution for different profiles. According to Mezquita, “the impact, when talking about the information on the project has benn amazing”, as you have control over every phase of the point of sales management.

Javier Vila, General Director at Externalia, presented a model with four actionable leverages that can be used in store so you can measure the ROI of every visit, with the objective of giving support to our established goals and analyzing the success of our actions with clients. “We must be able of measuring what is the return of investment of every visit”, says Vila, to “compare this investment with others the company undertakes”.


Success cases and new technologies

Jordi Salvadó and Roberto Sánchez, Sales Director and Project Leader, respectively, at Vincle, explained the importance of using Image Recognition technology while optimizing the commercial process, using as an example Ferrero and Schweppes’ success cases.

The Jornadas also counted on the presence of Carlos López Ullod, Big Data and Innovation Area Director in Grupo AIA, who stressed the benefits of Artificial Intelligence when increasing our sales. Artificial Intelligence “can help the sales person to recommend products, perform specific promotions and offer substitutive products”, as well as making our sales force way more efficient with “visit recommendations” and “dynamic and optimized routes”, according to López Ullod.




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