Real Time Analytics: the power of real time information

Noticias | 8 November, 2017

In the beginning of the 90s Robert Kaplan and David Norton launched their Balanced Scorecard concept, described as a series of indicators to facilitate the decision making process in order to improve the business. Since then, the information management processes have evolved into more complete and complex systems that represent information through dashboards.

To take the best decision, we must have both the key information and the appropriate way of visualizing it so we can easily understand it. Many times we have all the necessary information available but reaching conclusions is something complex that takes way too much time.

In such a competitive and changing market like nowadays’, our decision making process must be efficient, and in order to achieve that we need that all the relevant information is presented in an organized and focused way, making things easier for the person who will analyze it.

Vincle Analytics, our solution in Vincle’s dashboard, is completely integrated in our SalesWare, providing visual information to all the profiles involved in the commercial process. Both directors and teams that perform fieldwork can access indicators like sales evolution, activities, objectives’ achievement, budget, clients’ ABC… This way, they can all benefit from a 360º vision. Of course, the information showed will depend on the permits or visibility every individual has.



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