Our partner Externalia grows by 43% in 2015

Noticias | 31 May, 2016

Externalia has increased its sales by 43% in 2015, turning over 7’3 million euros, and plans on achieving 8’1 million in 2016 by focusing on the supermarket sector and improving their solution for sales force automation.

The commercial outsourcing company started with Javier Vila as a founder in 2009 and nowadays counts with 180 employees that manage the points of sale of a total of 20 clients and 40 brands. Most of their income comes from the consumption sector (70%), with brands like Mahou, KH Lloreda or La Fageda, among others. The remaining 30% come from the pharmaceutical sector, with Ferrer and Otsuka Pharmaceutical among other laboratories.

The main goal of the company is: “achieving the expected return in the form of sales” through our experience in managing, our working methods and technology. Regarding this last part, the company pretends to allocate 60% of its 2016 budget to improve Vincle’s SalesWare solution, which manages the point of sales. Vincle is its technological partner since 2012 and participant of 40% of the business.

Among other benefits, the new system of point of sales management will allow Externalia’s sales people to manage the stock, the range, the promotion plans and the reporting tasks more efficiently, as well as optimizing their activity and performance.

According to Vila, “it’s a solid and powerful tool that adapts and evolves with our needs, which are, at the end of the day, the needs of our clients”.

Among other aspects to highlight, the new solution’s main goal is to achieve the perfect point of sales thanks to the perfect visit and by using a common methodology to the whole commercial team, which allows us to achieve better results.



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