The Omnichannel Strategy: Multi-channel is no longer enough

Noticias | 1 November, 2017

If we take a look back, we will for sure remember how, a few years ago, it was crucial to have a multi-channel strategy so we could communicate with our clients through different ways. Fortunately, the omnichannel concept gives this a twist placing the client in the center of the commercial strategy, making him experiment a homogenous interaction, independently of the communication channel.

The way consumers interact with brands has suffered great changes due to the growing use of digital services through web applications. Clients now have high expectations regarding the integrated, coherent and personalized experience they will be offered, and multiple channels models cannot offer this, as they are not connected between them. In order to reach consistency among different channels, each interaction has to bring an appropriate information management system.

It’s equally important that omnichannel strategies get integrated into companies’ culture and processes than that the systems that support them respect this premise of offering homogeneity when interacting with clients.




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