Supplementary solutions to boost your business

Vincle counts on several functional modules focused on covering specific needs to empower your business

Image Recognition

Image Recognition is a cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms that allows, in the context of machine vision, identifying objects or placement in images. In retail industry, an analysis of these images allows to ensure in-store reality match customers’ expectations. Some of the most important KPI to monitor in-store are OSA,OOS, SOS or pricing.

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Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Intelligent Virtual Assistants are a new technology based on machine learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) that help sales reps and key managers to go ahead with the right actions every time. Thanks to historical data, business teams may predict the future with a high level of accuracy suggesting potential new products, actions, or plans in order to increase revenue and profit on real time without wasting time.

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Analytics is a 360º module that manages and shows all the collected data related to your business. From a single dashboard, any sales reps or manager, according to rights level, is able to identify new opportunities, variations on sales progress and issues, get traceability on sales actions and plan new activities to ensure they reach the defined goals, increase the sales team’s productivity, improve the go-to-market strategy and boost revenue.

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