Interview: Paco Turiel, General Director in Casalbor Trade

Noticias | 20 June, 2016

Paco Turiel has been 2 years in charge of the General Management of Casalbor Trade. We have to highlight his experience (more than 20 years!) in the beverages sector, holding positions such as Director or Commercial Director in companies of the standing of Varma, Grupo La Navarra, Grupo Osborne, Grupo Suntory and Domeca Wines.

Casalbor Wines & Spirits is a family company born in 2014 dedicated to elaborating wines and premium spirits. The brands elaborated and supervised by Casalbor, as well as others renowned ones belonging to the biggest companies of the sector, are developed through Casalbor Trade. Their commercial team, focused in the HORECA channel at national and international level, bases its activity in a close and direct relationship with the client, achieving a personalized service and the client’s maximum satisfaction.


What is the activity of Casalbor?

Casalbor Trade is a company that distributes wines and liquors but specializes in the world of Spirits. We have Great Consumption wines available, which we mainly distribute abroad and that are also very popular in Andalucía, where the company mostly operated in the beginning. However, our flagship is Bodegas Loa’s wine, from the heart of the mountains in La Rioja Alavesa, where we produce a more charismatic wine, with great personality and that works wonders abroad.

The other part of the business belongs to spirits, which is 90% of our commercial activity, and where we count on our own brands like Wint vodka and gin and our Bayswater premium gin. Our other flagships are our Indi Mixers, our tonics and our natural and artisan premium soft drinks.

We also count on a huge portfolio of brands that we distribute thanks to our agreement with Diageo, the first multinational company of the sector, which trusts us to distribute 6 of its brands. After largely exceeding their objectives for the first five years, we have renewed our collaboration until 2020.


How is your business distributed?

Nowadays, 40% comes from Diageo’s brands and the remaining 60% from Casalbor Wines & Spirits’s own brands. Our goal is to keep growing with distribution brands, so we’re working on searching new agreements.


“We have a very ambitious strategic plan
that consists of doubling our volume of business”


Will the novelties come from new brands or new channels?

Casalbor Trade focuses on national distribution; we try to cover every single sales channel with efficiency, but the truth is that we mostly specialize in On Trade, where our business development in the HORECA channel is higher.


How does Casalbor access the market?

We personally take care of the Off Trade, Cash&Carry and Travel Retail channels, and we count on a differentiated distribution network for the HORECA channel. On one hand, we have around a hundred distributors that are part of our own customer base management, and on another, we have other wholesale distributors with whom we occasionally collaborate with.


How do you manage each of your channels?

The largest part of our commercial structure belongs to hostelry, where we have more than 30 people if we count regional heads, sales directors and point of sales agents. In the food sector we count on 4 people (the channel director and the key account managers) and we also count on the support of outsourcing partner companies that help us with the point of sales management.


Which are your growth plans for the next three years?

We are, nowadays, around 16 million euros of turnover with our mix of sales between our own brands and the ones we distribute. We have a very ambitious plan that consists of doubling our volume of business in three years, with both our brands and the distributions brands, so the current ratio (60%-40%) is maintained.

We define ourselves as brands creators and we treat our distribution brands as if they were ours. When our sales team works, there’s no difference between working for Wint or for Pampero, they are two different brands but that will have equal conditions in their portfolio. This is the true origin of Casalbor Trade, becoming a commercial company, and objectives are established in our committees of direction, but in the streets and in our committees we don’t treat brands differently.


When looking for a Sales Force Automation tool, which was your objective and which needs did you need the solution to cover?

If we really wanted to become an important distribution company in the national market, we had to take a step ahead and provide our sales team with the right tools to access this market. It’s in our DNA to control the points of sales, as it’s in our origins: the president of the company’s father, Mora-Figueroa Domecq is a great figure in the revolution of access to hostelry. 20 years ago, this was done with notebooks, with color maps and awful client lists. Nowadays, the online world gives us the opportunity of knowing what’s happening in every moment in the point of sales, which was the last time you were there, what did you offer then, what can you offer now, what did your competitors do, when should you go back, what is happening in the surrounding points of sales… this cannot be done in a calculation sheet.


“SalesWare helps our commercial team not only
to sell more but to be more efficient in every visit”


Why did you choose Vincle?

Regarding the solution, I had already used SalesWare when working for Osborne, and we have relations with Bacardi and we know that the tool works for them. In the end, after examining every option, we decided to trust what had worked for us in the past, and what had worked for me was SalesWare.

Secondly, you were able to cover a real need; we needed a tool that was easy to manage, something incredibly intuitive that made it easy for the sales person to collect data and to manage the whole point of sale, something that allowed us to control promotions, to know how many boxes of product did an agent promise, how much money had been invested in a client, if there’s an agreement going on, etc.


Which is the main goal of a commercial agent during a visit?

Our main concern is identifying the client’s needs and covering them with our portfolio. Now we are able to know which client we have visited, when, which assortment does he have and the rotation of his last reference. SalesWare helps our commercial team not only to sell more but also to be more efficient in every visit, taking into account that our goal is performing 50 visits of 20-25 minutes per week.


Have you been able to achieve the goals you set with SalesWare?

We’ve been working with SalesWare since June 2015 and we’ve comfortably covered the first phase of the project. We have to take into account that SalesWare helps us with our strategic plan; in this first phase we have also been able to better predict our sales. With the information we have about every commercial agreement with every single client, we’ve been able to sell 500 boxes of Indi Strawberry in the first week of its release.



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