How to improve your visibility in the point of sales

Noticias | 7 December, 2018

It’s undeniable that we are living in the era of over-consumption; we happily go from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and we still have time and energy to enjoy Christmas shopping. Next, we’ll have St Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s and Father’s Day… consumers seem to never get tired of spending.

This way, the great consumption sector knows that it’s incredibly important to keep up with this rhythm, and every brand launches new products nonstop, hoping to become the next point of sales kings. With so many competition, it’s difficult not only to create innovative products, but also making them stand out!

Beyond viral marketing campaigns, it’s clear that one of the keys for increasing our sales is offering a good range of products in each point of sales, and making it stand out with an optimum visibility. How to achieve this?


Start with the basics: take care of your point of sales

Let’s start from the beginning: make sure you meet the basic standards first. Your product’s packaging must be attractive and innovative if you want it to catch your client’s attention. It must differentiate itself easily from your competitors’ products.

A great way to do this while taking care of your branding is making all your products follow a same line, that it, making its colors and design easily recognizable. You will be able, for sure, to name a few brands that always use a characteristic design and color and that you spot immediately when you are in front of a shelf.

Moreover, make sure your products have a good visibility in the point of sales, always depending on your target audience. If your target are adults, your products should be located at eye-level on the shelves, and its front part should always be facing the client. If your target are children, having the products at eye-level but for an adult has no sense, so place them a bit below. It’s also crucial to control your stock in every point of sales; if the product is not there, people can’t buy it!


Take advantage of your promotional material

Promotions are a very good way to gain visibility, as the product not only catches attention because of its reduced price or because of the offer, but because of the promotional material that we install in the point of sales to make it stand out.

There are many types of promotional materials, as supermarket isles, stands or stoppers, those posters that stand out from the shelf and make you stop to take a look at the product, traditional posters and even floor prints, which are installed on the floor and look like they’ve been painted there. They can be placed strategically near the product so it catches people’s attention. Think about this; who is always near the floor? Exactly, kids. This is why floor prints are toys manufacturers’ favorites.


Be creative in the point of sales!

We’re sure you will find a thousand original ways of promoting your product; a brainstorming session with your creative team should bring up some creative ideas on how to gain visibility.

Take into account that it always depends on your product, but, luckily, we can adapt almost anything. If you work in the food and drinks sector, offering samples or tastings is something that always works well. You can go a bit further and distribute some recipes, and one of your brand’s employees can even cook a simple recipe in the point of sales in front of your clients.

Offering samples is something that consumers value very much, as the brand becomes recognizable and closer to them. This is because they can take the product home and try it there in a familiar environment, whenever and however they want to.

It’s interesting to put toys on display too, so children can try them out and convince their parents. If you sell technology, do not doubt it; install whatever you sell near of your displayed products so clients can see how it works. We’re not talking only about televisions or music equipment; if you sell a vacuum cleaner, let the client try it. Have a bag full of rubbish ready so the consumer can see with his own eyes how it easily cleans the floor. The possibilities are endless.


The key: your relationship with the retailer

In the end, improving your visibility in the point of sales depends a lot on convincing the retailer of your ideas; he has to agree for you to be able to install these options in his point of sales. As you probably have too many clients to remember every detail about each one of them, it’s a good idea to work with a tool that takes care of your relationship, something like a SFA or a CRM.

Having your client’s information according to its profile, its interactions historic or all of his previous orders is what will allow you to offer him a personalized treat. You can even customize the range you offer each one of them, as you will know which products usually interest him and which he may want to purchase.

This will help you reach something we are risking to loose in the sales world; complicity with our clients. Technology is not our enemy, as many people think, and it wasn’t created to eradicate human interactions. To the contrary, it can help us become closer to each other, as we have just seen.



Take advantage of technology and the market’s new tools to improve your relationship with your clients, and this way you’ll be able to let your imagination run wild when improving your visibility in the point of sales while we achieve the famous omnichannel strategy applied to B2B sales; results are guaranteed.



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