How can Sales Force Automation improve your Go To Market strategy?

Noticias | 26 September, 2018

The importance of a Go to Market strategy

By now, you probably know what a Go to Market (or G2M, let’s get as creative as marketing professionals) strategy is. It’s basically a strategy that combines every element of a business so they can, all together, reach a common goal by improving the company’s competitive advantage.

It puts together, therefore, in the same strategic plan, different areas such as sales, product development, marketing, distribution… so every department knows exactly what, how and to whom we are selling.

This way, we reach the market with a successful, appealing for the consumer, value proposal. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


What is a SFA?

However, it’s not that easy to implement a G2M strategy; by definition, it implies coordinating many areas, which are obviously very different, and reaching the perfect level of communication between them so we can achieve the expected results.

You are probably thinking: ¿How can I improve my Go to Market, then? Don’t you worry; we introduce you to your new best friend, the SFA.

A SFA or Sales Force Automation is a software that, among many other features, optimizes the trading process, automates the business activity and facilitates the attainment of goals.


How can a SFA help you implement your G2M?

A SFA software will allow you to manage every process from the same platform, so coordinating different departments becomes easier, as all the information is condensed in one single database.

Aligning objectives is way easier when a full perspective is available and you have aggregated information on every sales channel (omnichannel). With this information, you can always take the right decision.

Everyone involved in your G2M strategy can access information about promotions, new product launches, global or local agreements, particular conditions agreed for certain points of sales…

¿How is the promotion that we designed last month working? ¿Is the new launch a total flop? ¿Which has been last week’s promotion time to market? These are only some of the functionalities that a good SFA should include.

A complete SFA will offer you data and statistics so you can draw your own conclusions out of your obtained results and take measures to solve problems in almost real time. Because what can’t be measured can’t be improved, right?


Choose now your SFA

If your goal is to pay attention at how you sell by involving your whole business unit, choosing a good SFA that helps you with your G2M is crucial. We can assure you it will help you reach your established objectives.

Do your research, choose, give one a go… and tell us in the comment section below if it did work!




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