The Grupo SIFU Foundation rewards Vincle

Noticias | 28 March, 2017

Last Monday March 27 Vincle was acknowledged for her commitment to employment integration of people with functional diversity and with the NEW ORDER project, which counts on 35 workers from the SIFU Group, 26 of which have some kind of disability. The award was handed to Juan Manuel Recio, Vincle’s Managing Director, who attended the event on behalf of the company. The gala, called “La Nit Més IN: integració, inclusió, interpretació” (The IN Night: integration, inclusion, interpretation), organized by Grupo SIFU in the Main Hall of the Gran Teatre Liceu. The event is a meeting point where more than 600 people from the business and associative network and from the disability field gathered to give visibility and showcase the disabled people’s abilities, and their employment and social integration.


A night full of magic, where impossible turns IN-possible

During the gala, the assistants were able to enjoy the performances of several artists with some kind of disability. Ignasi Cambra, 27-year-old blind pianist, opened the evening with some of Chopin’s pieces. Then, Àlex Segura and Rubén Roldán, who lost a leg in an accident, gave a parkour and freerunning demonstration.

APSA’s Priscofusión Danza dance Company delighted the audience with a choreography created especially for the occasion. They could also enjoy Camila Vargas’ prodigious voice; she’s a 22-year-old girl with respiratory problems who interpreted the song “Ho puc aconseguir” (I can do it), a song that praises self-improvement and fighting-spirit. The vocal group Sound Six backed the vocals of this beautiful interpretation.



This magical night was closed by the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Dolors Montserrat, who stated that “we are all equal but with different abilities”, affirming that “the disable community is an example of illusion, talent and effort that allows the society to overcome the imposed barriers”.


About the Grupo SIFU Foundation

Grupo SIFU Foundation is a State-level non-profit organization of social inclusion, born in 2006 in the biggest Special Employment Center: Grupo SIFU, which counts on more than 4.500 employees.

The association has the objective of promoting the full integration of people with functional diversity with special difficulties for insertion and contributing to the improvement of their wellness.

This way, the Grupo SIFU Foundation carries out actions, projects and programs that help promote coexistence, respect, solidarity and equal opportunities, as well as skills development and the person’s freedom. The Foundation works with the compromise of transmitting and increasing public awareness on the difficulties that hamper or hinder their integration.




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