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What is a SFA and what can it do for you?

What is a Sales Force Automation tool? Is it like a CRM? What can this tool do for your business? Learn the basics about SFA software today!

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The Omnichannel Strategy: Multi-channel is no longer enough

Omnichannel strategies are going to place the client in the center of the commercial strategy, with the advantages this will bring.

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Sell More functionalities to boost your sales

Selling is an art itself, but no one would say no to some functionalities to help you sell better and more, right? Here are our favourites.

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Interview: Paco Turiel, General Director in Casalbor Trade

We interview Paco Turiel, General Director in Casalbor Trade, who will tell us how working with SalesWare has helped them improve their strategic plan

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Internal customer care

Today we talk about maintaining the satisfaction and loyalty of existing customers, something as important as gaining new customers

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The perfect commercial visit

The quality of the visit is one of the areas of most concern to anyone responsible for a sales team: Vincle helps our customers improve their sales team

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