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3 ideas to succeed this Black Friday

Big department stores, small businesses and even the service industry take advantage of Black Friday. What about the great consumption sector, the retail?

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Technology and selling techniques: we interview Jordi Salvadó

Jordi Salvadó, Vincle’s Sales Director, shares his vision on how the sales world is changing and how has technology affected nowadays’ selling techniques

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Online sales as a supplement to offline sales

Knowing how to use our channels properly, combining them with our offline sales, is a determining factor when maximizing profits.

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Which is the best BPM for my business?

Nowadays the business processes should be focused on maximizing results, and that is why a BPM is a key success factor.

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5 keys to commercial effectiveness

Achieving excellence is not easy, but we’ll give you some of the keys that intervene directly in commercial effectiveness.

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Biggest sales trend this 2018: Sales Force Automation

We’ve tried to bring you a list of the strongest trends in the sales world so far this 2018, and sales force automation keeps appearing, again and again!

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Where will I be next year with a Sales Force Automation tool?

Today we bring you a list of a few functionalities an SFA can offer, explaining in detail how it achieves a significant increase in sales.

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Customer Management or Sales Force Automation?

Today we help you choose the most suitable software for your company: will it be a Customer Management tool or a Sales Force Automation one?

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