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Three key objectives in your point of sales

Establishing goals and actually achieving them are two different things; today we help you with three main goals in the point of sales

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How to improve your team's commercial productivity?

Commercial productivity is something difficult to reach for many companies, and that’s what we’ll discuss in today’s article.

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KPI to take into account in the point of sales

Some KPI affect directly our sales volume, and they have a lot to do with our point of sales. Which are they and how to improve them?

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How to improve your visibility in the point of sales

Living in an over-consumption era and with such a strong competition, it’s hard to make our products stand out. Here are some tips!

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Improving your commercial team's productivity with image recognition

Image recognition is a technological solution that can help improve productivity in the pharmaceutical field too.

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3 ideas to succeed this Black Friday

Big department stores, small businesses and even the service industry take advantage of Black Friday. What about the great consumption sector, the retail?

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Technology and selling techniques: we interview Jordi Salvadó

Jordi Salvadó, Vincle’s Sales Director, shares his vision on how the sales world is changing and how has technology affected nowadays’ selling techniques

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Online sales as a supplement to offline sales

Knowing how to use our channels properly, combining them with our offline sales, is a determining factor when maximizing profits.

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