5 things your boss would like you to know about Sales Force Automation

Noticias | 27 September, 2018

How much do you know about sales force automation?

You may brag about being up-to-date on today’s technology, but we all know that it’s very difficult to control each and every tool in the market.

However, if you work in a company, there are certain types of software you should know about: we mean SFAs or sales force automation tools.

These tools automatize and optimize the whole selling process; because of this, any company with sales department is interested in them.

Today we bring you this article so you can learn some of its technical functionalities; update yourself before your boss finds out!


Technical functionalities of sales force automation


A sales force automation software is compatible with most devices, whether it’s a smartphone, a Tablet or a computer.

This is convenient because companies usually provide their employees, and especially their commercial agents, with a device, so not having to acquire new ones is an advantage. The team is already used to its device and doesn’t need to learn how to use a new one just because they are using a new software.

If that’s not your case and you don’t have devices yet, you can choose the one that fits you better from the ones available in the market; your sales force automation software won’t be a problem.

Technical compatibility comes even more handy; this type of software integrates perfectly with other systems, including most of the market’s ERP such as SAP, JDE or Dynamics. The integrating process is very simple.

The information will flow bidirectonally between your systems and the sales force automation app, integrating all the relevant information in single system. As it’s an omnichannel it’s very useful when taking decisions that concern different departments: everything is in the same place, available for all.


Cloud based

We all know how convenient it is to have our pictures and files stored in the cloud so we don’t have to worry about space problems or accessibility.

A sales force automation software works the same way but for our data; it’s a Saas based on the cloud, with total scalability without Internet connection. It offers online support and real time updates.



In the same way, we all worry about our confidential data (or our clients’) being leaked. Don’t you worry; it’s cloud based, but sales force automation tools use cutting edge technology to ensure security for your information.

You will know that the data will be safe, as these tools count with powerful providers that take care of your data protection, following, of course, the GDPR criteria.


UI-UX friendly

A good UI and UX design is essential for any type of app, and this include SFAs: sales force automation tools combine both so the result is an intuitive platform, easy to use and visually attractive as well.

The design will take into account the characteristics and objectives of your company, and the users’ preferences.

Commercial agents can focus on sales, as the app will take care and speed up the rest of the actions. Besides, once we introduce the needed data, it will generate customized reports on our performance so you have a global vision and can take decisions based on real statistics.



Companies are different, and depending on its sector and characteristics, they have different models of the perfect visit to a client. This is why a sales force automation app might not work the same way for a big pharmaceutical company than for a smaller retailer.

For this reason, these apps offer the possibility of being customized; with an open API, based on SOA (service-oriented architecture), customers are able to add new modules under a plugin, based on the needs of the company.


Are you now an expert in sales force automation software?

Now you can brag about being totally updated on today’s technology, at least in the sales field. You can also learn more about innovative technical functionalities here.

We hope we’ve saved you from your boss… at least for now!



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