5 key functionalities a good SFA should offer

Noticias | 19 July, 2018

Choosing a SFA… Mission: impossible?

You probably already know that what your company is lacking is a good sales force automation software, but you are struggling to find the one that best meets your needs.

If that’s the case, don’t you worry: we’ve prepared a simple guide of the 5 functionalities you should expect a good SFA to include, focusing on its technical characteristics. Let’s get into it!



You may be using other tools or technologies at the moment, so it’s important that the SFA you choose integrates properly with them.

This applies not only to ERPs like SAP or JDE, but also to your operating system; whether you use Android, iOS or Windows, the software should be compatible.



It’s nice that the software allows everyone involved in the sales process to access and control how’s the activity going, even from the office; this brings team cohesion and makes it easier to define and achieve a common goal.

However, it’s crucial that the SFA is ready to use anywhere, even without access to the Internet. The part of the sales team who actually carries out the visits to clients will appreciate it!


Multi-language and multi-currency

Your company may or may not be international yet, but in the globalization era, it’s something you can’t dismiss.

That’s why the SFA you choose should be in, at least, a few of the most used languages. Its customer service and technical support services should be offered in several languages too, and, of course, it should allow payments and charges in different currencies.



This functionality assures you that your sales representatives will be carrying out the most efficient routes; an intelligent SFA that plans their routes using a geolocator makes their job way easier.

Let’s say a client cancels an appointment last time; the geolocator will show you another nearby point of sales so he doesn’t waste his time. Remember, these software systems are like agendas and keep track of every client’s data, like previous visits, last order, etc. and this information is incredibly valuable when organizing the visits.



If the SFA not only offers you data, but it also analyzes it for you… it’s a software to consider!

They can offer you customized statistics and reports about each client’s activity, so you can use this valuable information when taking decisions.


And that’s all… for now

We hope we’ve given you a general idea about the technical functionalities you should look for when choosing your ideal SFA. Now it’s your turn… find the one that best meets your company’s standards!



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